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Woo Woo Guru Membership

What is all the Woo about?

 If you're here, you must already believe that there is a magickal Universe that we are all connected to, where we can interact, co-create, and receive guidance.

The Woo Woo Guru Membership is a safe space created for those of us who feel the calling to work with the Universe in a multitude of ways to create a human experience that is balanced, joyful, and less stressful than it may have been up until this point.

Let me share with you what we'll be exploring throughout the membership.....

Yoga at Home

Membership Portal

The Woo Membership is in two parts - and the Membership Portal is where all your monthly content is accessed, as well as a library of resources.

  • A monthly Woo Woo theme will explore the energies that are currently around us and give insight into how it may play out in our lives. With this there'll be a video guide, a crystal reading to explore those energies further, and a PDF guide that includes some of the ways we may focus on the month - crystals, elements, astrology, herbs, oils etc.

  • Lunar Woo Woo will see us connecting together with the New and Full Moon each month with a live event that guides you through a lunar ritual to support your development

  • Online Woo Parties twice a month give you the opportunity to have a personal crystal reading and connect with other members, as well as discover lots of Woo skills including spellcasting and crystal healing

  • The Meditation Library houses some of my favourite guided meditations, and they will change to reflect the seasons and energies throughout the year

  • A Crystal Learning Library gives you access to healing information about your favourite crystals, and will continue to grow as the Membership grows

  • The Woo Kitchen is home to a steadily growing range of magickal recipes for the kitchen witches among you, including bakes and cakes, and magickal teas

Facebook Community Group

The second part of the Membership is over on Facebook.

Don't worry if you 'don't do Facebook' though. Regular emails will keep you in touch with all the activity that goes on.

  • Activities will be based around the monthly theme, with prompts at various times of the month for lunar activity too

  • Weekly crystal readings will help us to delve deeper into the energies around us so that we can understand better, why we may be feeling a certain way, or experiencing specific types of situations.

  • Updates on when replays of live events are being held and when replays are available will all be in the Facebook Group

  • This is a safe community space to share experiences, connect with other members, and to be nudged, ever so nicely, to be your totally Woo self

  • Information on things like numerology, astrology, crystals, herbs, oils, aromatherapy, magickal cooking, lunar energies and much more are all included in the group

* Emails will be sent out with new content regularly throughout the month. Nobody misses out on anything. Pinky promise. ;)


Meet Kat

I'm Kat Wills, and I've been working with Woo Woo 'stuff' pretty much  my whole life. As a teenager my mum introduced me to tarot and the iChing and I never looked back. Crystals seemed to follow me throughout my life, popping up with their supportive energy when I least expected it, and working intuitively is just how I roll.

For so many years I have offered my skills to others which was a huge blessing, an awesome privilege, but also one of the biggest stressors in my life. The need to please others and be there for all they needed often left me feeling exhausted and unable to deal with anything in my own personal life.

It took many attempts at focusing on one area at a time to see what fit best, that made me realise that no one way was right for me.

They all were!


I speak to so many people who feel lost, confused by all the information out there, and who just want to know that they don't have to be an 'expert' in one field to have the 'answer' to creating a happy life.
And so, the Woo Woo Guru Membership was created!

Join me and my fabulous hubby, Jonny, as we wobble through the human experience together - with all its joys, its challenges, and its mysteries - and create for yourself, as we have for ourselves, a life that is balanced and extremely satisfying to be living.

We'd love to share our journey with you, and would be extremely honoured if we are able to share in your journey too.

Are you ready to become your own Woo Woo Guru?