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Top 6 tips for successful manifesting!

Have you thrown your requests up to the universe time and time again, and still find your goals just out of reach? Do you wonder whether you've even got the skills to manifest? What is manifesting anyway?

Manifestation is having a desire in mind, and focusing your will and your vision over a period of time to bring it into reality. It can be tricky to keep the faith and maintain the discipline, believe me, I know, but I've found the following tips have helped me when I've had my eyes set on something.

1. Belief One of the key factors in achieving your goals is the belief that it is even possible. Too many will have a desire but don't genuinely believe that they can have it. It's easy to be convinced by others that our goals are too high, or that too many things need to happen for us to reach our target. If your desire is deeply rooted in your heart, it can happen. Believe in yourself, and your ability to have whatever it is you wish.

2. Add some natural power Whilst a crystal or candle, in and of itself will not create your desire, additional tools can help us to focus, raising the vibration around your goal. There is a range of tools that can be added to your manifesting work, and you should choose those that fit best with your interests. For me, crystals and candles are my first go-to, but you might like to include oils, incense, prayer, a vision board, or elements of nature. Think about what might resonate with your goal too, and add those to your manifesting rituals. Crystals of choice for manifestation will, again, be those that resonate with you most. I love to work with arfvedsonite, super seven, quartz, tiger's eye, jade, and amethyst. Green and gold candles are ideal for manifesting work, or, like your crystal choice, you could opt for a colour that fits your goal. Working with essential oils also raises the energetic vibration around you, can enhance your visualisation (which is my next tip) and can help you to release the connection to your doubts and daily stresses. Oils such as patchouli and frankincense work very well. Creating a space where you can have all of your manifesting tools will also help you to spend time lifting the vibration of your manifestation and keep your thoughts focused on the end goal.

3. Visualise Visualising can be easy the first time that you sit with the idea of manifesting, you're fired up, you're focused, you have the belief. Remember that feeling, because you're going to have to hold on to the vision of your goal even when life gets challenging. Use all your senses in your mind's eye to hold onto it, and spend a few minutes each day visualising what it is you want to create, making it very clear in your mind. Don't worry about having to find five minutes of dedicated meditation time, every day, it can be as simple as focusing on your intentions while you're taking a shower, while you're waiting for the kettle to boil, or queueing at the checkout. Use the time you have.

4. Ignore the doubt

I won't lie, there'll be times when doubt kicks in, when those around you put in their two-penneth and feed that doubt, or try to convince you it'll never happen. What I've learned over the last three decades of adulthood, is that only we can create our reality. Whether it's through actually manifesting what we want, or allowing others to take control over our thoughts and beliefs so that we end up manifesting what we don't want, it is our doing. I truly believe in and have experienced the power of this amazing universe, and it's ability to support you, in whatever it is you need. I have also experienced the power that our own mind has to naysayers. Our inner critic is often very keen to instil doubt, reminding us that there's a chance it won't work, that it will all go wrong. Put that critic to bed, and concentrate on.....

5. Connecting with the real vision

By 'real' vision, I mean the goal that you truly want. Not some copy and paste goal, or a mash-up of the goals of other people. Your vision is entirely unique to you, and it will manifest far more effectively if you feel inspired by it. If you need help with understanding what your real vision is, then ask your Higher Self, or your guides, the angels - whatever higher power you connect to, do so and ask for guidance and clarity. Keep your eyes open for signs of things that spark your interest, places, experiences, ideas. See what resonates most for you.

6. And finally.....Trust

Above all else, you must trust the process. Believe with all your heart that you deserve your desire, that you have the ability to manifest it, and that you will receive it. And if things don't go to plan the first time, check-in with your vision, make sure it still sparkles for you, and keep going. Remember, the universe is a vast web which may require some time to weave your desire into your path. Make yourself a magnet for your goal by keeping the vibration high. High vibrations such as joy, gratitude, love, and excitement, create manifesting energy. The lower vibrations of hatred, jealousy, fear, anger and sadness, will only serve to keep you where you are, and you will inevitably feel the stagnant energy they bring. You choose which energy to immerse yourself in. So, even when things don't go right, or somebody gets your back up, take a moment to breathe, focus on whichever high vibration emotion quells the low vibration ones, and feel the positivity return.

Go ahead and start small. It'll build up the momentum and your confidence, and your belief that anything is possible. May you manifest all you desire. Kx

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