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Is your shadow side calling you?

When we consciously begin our 'healing journey', perhaps because we're feeling unhappy with our lot or have an urge to seek inner peace, we don't always realise what lies beneath the surface. We just don't know what we don't know, and the fault is not our own.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

~Carl Jung~

As a Wounded Healer archetype, I wanted others to have someone to relate to when they experienced situations or emotions that were similar to mine. I'd done some 'work' on my own issues, studying psychology and mental health to find the answers to why I might be experiencing depression and bouts of anxiety. Some reasons were blatantly obvious, abuse from childhood continued in the relationships I chose to be in as an adolescent and adult, but I knew there was probably more below the surface. Why did I have those experiences? Why did I react the way I did when so many don't?

I was directed into healing because that was the way that I was to heal. I remember it clearly, the day it all began to change significantly for me. Working with a client, she received direction to heal me, and as so often happens with therapists, we agreed to offer our respective skills to one another in an exchange. Several years later, I don't believe for one moment that I've given anything that comes close to a tenth of what she offered me. The fact is, once we begin digging into the subconscious and unconscious mind, the proverbial can of worms is opened and cannot be closed. They took some opening, but once the floodgates were unlocked, nothing would change that.

Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable, distraught, heartbroken, hurt, and we certainly don't want to revisit those things that put us onto the path of self-destruction. But, the reality was, my Shadow Work had seriously begun and I either had to hide away and eventually implode, or I had to see it through and perhaps, just maybe, I would see the person that I was supposed to become. Not the one that was programmed by other people's actions and beliefs. Someone who was living their soul purpose, fuelled by change instead of afraid of it, running the risk of failure and loss for the prize of joy and love.

Living in 'love and light' all the time isn't possible.

If you believe it is, you may want to stop reading right here and refrain from visiting anything I offer in the future, because my opinion on this is in the structure of everything I put out there. Expecting life to be sunshine and roses with a few positive affirmations and thinking positive all the time, ignoring the challenges of life and our darker moments, just doesn't work. I know this because I've been there, tried that, and almost took my own life as a result of it. Ignoring the darker moments as you try to convince yourself that you should just be happy all the time simply means that you become more engulfed by feelings of failure, leading to misery, not trying anymore, and eventually giving up, perhaps completely.

Being 'authentic' isn't about being chipper all the time. It's about embracing all aspects of who and what we are - light and dark. There isn't one without the other in nature, in science, so why would it not be a part of who we are?

Embracing our light and our dark side is the only way we can heal those wounds.

And we all have them. Sure, some are most certainly deeper, but they exist on some level for all of us. Hiding from them just makes them deeper still.