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Healing Crystals Around the Home

Crystals are, of course, a primary 'tool' in healing sessions for me, and for some of you, I'm sure. But what if you're not a crystal therapist? What if you still want to take advantage of the many healing benefits of crystals without having to meditate or lay back and give yourself a crystal treatment?

Well, the simple answer is to have them around the home. Having crystals in specific rooms can noticeably enhance, and even change, the energy of those rooms. To create an atmosphere that is conducive to health and well-being, these are some suggestions that you may find helpful. And remember, they don't have to be large, decorative pieces of gemstone that cost the earth. A few well-placed tumbled stones or raw chunks of a crystal will be just as effective.

The Living Room

A room where most of us spend a lot of time, the crystals we choose to place here want to be focused on calm, relaxation, and happiness. My top three crystals for the living room are:

* amethyst

* rose quartz

* fluorite

Amethyst is probably one of the best 'all-rounder' crystals, but it really does have the energy to relax even the busiest of minds making it perfectly placed in the living room to help you switch off at the end of the working day. It's also extremely good at clearing high-tension energy, meaning that when you're potentially coming together with family members to relax and watch a movie, or sit and discuss your day, the energy of amethyst will ensure that it's accomplished with minimal confrontation and stress. Having amethyst in a cluster form will disperse these wonderful energies around the whole room, too. Or a few tumbled stones in various parts of the room will also work well to create a natural flow. Rose quartz is a stone of peace and love. Not all family members will agree with each other all of the time, so it's useful to have energy in the room that will encourage the quiet, loving respect of one another, and rose quartz is the crystal to do this. It's nurturing vibration will remind us that of our affection for each other, regardless of viewpoints. Fluorite, one of my favourite crystals of all time, is great for the living room because of just how powerful it is at cleansing energy and bringing balance. Another crystal that will help you to clear away any stresses or worries of the day, fluorite really nurtures a feeling of calm and enjoying the moment.

The Bedroom

Obviously, the choice of crystals here will be dependent on what you're aiming to achieve, but I think most would agree that working on the energies that encourage relaxation will be key to every outcome, but perhaps a little passion is needed too.

Therefore, my top three crystals for the bedroom are:

* amethyst

* selenite

* red tiger's eye

Amethyst, as already mentioned for the living room, is a great crystal for relaxation. When placed in the bedroom it helps to switch off a busy mind which can assist with insomnia. I know that I certainly find it useful for that. It can be placed by the bedside, under the bed, or if you're really struggling, in between the pillow and pillowcase so that it's close to your head.

Selenite makes it onto my list because it connects with lunar energy. Creating this link can help us to find calm and balance and encourages our body to respond to the cycle of night and day more effectively, knowing that when the moon rises it's time for sleep! It's also a great crystal for enhancing dreams, making them particularly pleasant. Great if you struggle with nightmares.

Red tiger's eye makes it onto my list because it's a crystal for passion. Whether you're looking to keep the flames of a current relationship alight or encourage a new partnership, it will encourage positive body confidence, fun times, and perhaps turn up the heat a little!

The Bathroom

Ok, first let me say, I want this bathroom! If anyone can make it happen, let me know. ;)

The purpose of crystals in the bathroom once again, probably veer more towards relaxation, but I also like to think that they will encourage the cleansing of our mind and spirit, just as the bathwater cleanses our body. The crystals listed here are for placement in the bathroom, and not for placing in the bath. Some crystals are water-soluble and will begin to degrade when placed in water, and others are toxic, so it's best to do your research before putting anything in the tub with you.

My top three crystals for the bathroom are:

* clear quartz

* lapis lazuli

* coral

Clear quartz is the Master Crystal and brings amazing cleansing energies that are a must when soaking in the bath. As a side note, it is totally ok in the bathwater, so if you're feeling particularly in need of a full-body cleanse, this is the one to do it with. Not only does it cleanse, but it also recharges the body and mind. Surrounding your bath with clear quartz and other crystals, such as rose quartz or the other two favourites listed here, lapis and coral, will encourage the cleansing, relaxing environment to enjoy your soak, but will also mean you leave the bath feeling ready to face the world. Unless you're anything like me and have your bathwater at temperatures that could boil a lobster and wipe your energies cleanout for the rest of the day!

Lapis lazuli is a beautiful crystal for the bathroom. It doesn't want to go in the water, but it can surround your tub, or be placed on a shelf or the windowsill, to imbue the room with relaxing vibrations that also encourage your connection to the universe. I love to meditate when I'm enjoying a soak, and this is the perfect crystal to help to tune into some cosmic wisdom while you relax.

Coral, an organic gemstone of the sea, should not be placed in water. There are far too many unknowns about what is included in coral, so take care of it. However, like lapis, it is perfectly suited to the bathroom to aid relaxation. If you're someone who struggles with sleep and uses a bath before bed to relax the body and mind, adding coral into the equation will help. There's also something very nice about having something directly related to water, in the bathroom, don't you think.

The Toilet

Yes, even the smallest room gets a mention. Consider this, there are definitely times when we use the loo as an escape room, from children perhaps, or just the responsibilities of the house. And there are more than a few moments in our lives where we may struggle with our bodily functions, so why not have crystals in the room to help with that.

My top 3 crystals for the smallest room are:

* aquamarine

* green fluorite

* citrine

Aquamarine, a stone that helps with fluid problems within the body, is perfectly suited to the loo. A water element stone, it's a cleanser and the energies it emits may provide some welcome relief if you're dealing with water retention in particular.

Green fluorite is another cleansing crystal and can be of assistance in removing toxicity from the body. It has energies that help to ease conditions such as colitis and nausea and works to keep your digestive and excretory systems healthy.

Citrine is the third cleansing stone of choice. It is particularly helpful for the digestive system and also detoxes the liver and helps with nausea. Great for the morning after a heavy night, perhaps!

The Kitchen

A place where creativity needs to come into play, and where support in making good food choices would be helpful for some. For many of us, the dining table is in the kitchen, making it a space where families come together. Here, happiness and harmony may be required.

My top 3 crystals for the kitchen are:

* carnelian

* citrine

* chrysocolla

Carnelian brings joy on every level, and its fiery orange-red presence stimulates motivation and increases stamina. I, for one, need all the energy I can muster at times to create a meal from scratch. So, to ensure you have the energy to do this, and the inspiration to create a wonderful meal, place carnelian near your recipe books or somewhere near to where the magick happens.

Citrine is such a happy stone, which also imparts creativity, and is perfectly placed in a kitchen where family comes together for meals. It helps to create a welcoming atmosphere that everyone will enjoy together.

Chrysocolla is also a true stone of inspiration. If you're the type of person who struggles with deciding what to eat and ends up eating not much at all or makes a poor choice because of a lack of inspiration, this is the stone for you.

Whenever you need to feel inspired, relaxed, motivated, focused, passionate, or at ease around your home, consider the crystals that may be beneficial for the room. We can carry them with us wherever we go, but why not share that energy with the family, and fill the entire house with healing vibrations, even in the smallest of rooms. Kx

If any of the crystals mentioned appeal to you, pop them into the search button and see what we've currently got in stock. And if there's something specific you'd like that you can't see, drop us a line. We're always happy to help find the perfect crystal for you.

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