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Are you on Spiritual Bypass?

Spirituality is everywhere! If you’ve got the remotest interest in anything spiritual, it doesn’t take much scrolling to see courses or workshops appear on Facebook or Google that promise the answer to all your challenges connecting with the Divine, receiving messages from Spirit, or learning how to read the tarot in 5 minutes.

Is Your Shadow Side Calling You?

When we consciously begin our 'healing journey', perhaps because we're feeling unhappy with our lot or have an urge to seek inner peace, we don't always realise what lies beneath the surface. We just don't know what we don't know, and the fault is not our own.

Where did my Woo journey begin?

More than a few moons ago when I was just a teen, my mum gave me a set of iChing sticks and a deck of tarot cards and said, 'Don't tell your dad, but I got you these.'

Healing Crystals Around the Home

Crystals are, of course, a primary 'tool' in healing sessions for me, and for some of you, I'm sure. But what if you're not a crystal therapist? What if you still want to take advantage of the many healing benefits of crystals without having to meditate or lay back and give yourself a crystal treatment?

Top 6 tips for successful manifesting!

Have you thrown your requests up to the universe time and time again, and still find your goals just out of reach? Do you wonder whether you've even got the skills to manifest? What is manifesting anyway?


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